Job Hunting Myths You Should Never Listen To

If you are of the idea that all job-hunting advice is created equal, kindly reconsider your thoughts. Whether the advice is from your friends who wish you well, your competitors who may not mean that well or from old websites, some job hunting advice is terrible and should not be taken. Take for instance the following terrible tips-qualified finance recruitment agencies Toronto will advise you never to follow any of this wrong advice.

Always apply in person
Many employers will state how potential employees should apply for a job posting. Unless they include an “Apply in person” clause, it is not advisable to make a real life appearance. Most employers find it disruptive for a stranger to appear unannounced at their doorstep. Most hiring managers are not ready to talk to a candidate before prior preparation.

Don’t hunt for a job during the holidays
Is it possible for hiring managers to be occupied reaching quotas and planning their holidays to look at your resume during the holiday season? The truth is that companies will do whatever is required to fill up significant gaps regardless of whether it is a holiday or not. By any chance other employees keep taking this bad advice; it means that you will have less competition.

Nobody reads cover letters nowadays
On the contrary, a well-crafted cover letter can escalate your resume to the top of the pile. Even though not every hiring manager will care to read the cover letter, as the job seeker, you never know who you are dealing with. Thus, if you want to stand out among other candidates for most finance jobs; accompany your application with a stellar cover letter.

Send as many job applications as possible
Hear it now, regardless of the number of resumes you send out, and you are not qualified for those positions, you will not get the job. Consulting The Mason Group will assist you to focus your efforts on the promising opportunities.

List all jobs you ever held in your resume
It is not necessary to present an exhaustive account of all your professional and academic history to the potential employer. Your resume is a document that you use to show your qualifications for a particular job. Thus, some gigs such as a bartending shift you did while in college are not relevant. The rule is that if it is not related to that posting do not include it.

Do your entire job hunting online
Successful job applicants reach out to family, friends and professional networks such as accounting recruitment agencies and finance recruiters. Apart from applying online, talk to your connections and find out if any of them is an employee at the firm. If yes, ask them to deliver your resume personally to the hiring manager.

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The Best Debt Recovery Solutions for Your Business

No business wants to go so far as commercial litigation Toronto just to collect a debt from a consumer. Such may be necessary as a last resort, but you can try one of these methods before you take into the courtroom.

Send Debt Letters

Letter sending is a tactic that many businesses use these days to try to get their customers to pay their debt. Your letter can be as forceful as allowable by the laws of debt recovery, or it can be or as mild as you want it to be. It can be personalized so that the debtor knows that you are not a cold and calculating third-party company. You can speak to the debtor like a human being and request that he or she resolve the situation of the owed money. Many debtors respond better to kindness and understanding than they do to harsh collections tactics. Some debtors sincerely do not have the monies, however. No tactic is going to make the money appear in that case.

Outsource Your Collections Team

One thing that you can do to improve the amount of debt that you recover from defaulted customers is that you can hire a third-party company or a corporate debt collection agency to do your collections work for you. Hiring such people can help you in more ways than one. First, it can save you some time. Secondly, the specialists may be able to get results for you because of their rigorous training.

Write Off the Debts

You can write off the bad debts and go through less trouble if they are small debts. You may want to make many efforts to collect large debts, but the small debts should perhaps be handled lightly. You can claim the bad debts on your business taxes as long as you can prove that you made reasonable attempts to collect the debt, and the person did indeed owe the debt. You will get a tax break on the unpaid funds.

Agree to a Settlement Amount

Another thing you can do before you call a commercial litigation lawyer is offer the debtor the settlement deal. This tactic works best for debtors that you think will never pay you back the full amount no matter what you do. If you can get the debtor to pay just part of the debt, you can at least have that money back in your business. You can have a collections specialist call the debtor, or you can send the person a letter. The debtor will contact you if the deal seems like something that he or she can do.

The previously mentioned tactics can help you to collect monies that people owe to your business. You will always have +120 Days as a tactic, but you can try the other methods first to avoid long processes.

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