6 Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Couples on a Budget

Christmas: a time for festivities, family, and favours to be given. While this can be a favourite for some, it can also be a source of anxiety for many. What should I get for my partner? What if they do not like what I get them? What if they want to exchange it? Questions like these can often trump the Christmas spirit, but luckily, we are here to put them right back in place!

Christmas gift baskets are the ideal solution to the issue: so much variety bursting from one basket that they will love the many items you placed inside. We love the idea of gift baskets because it shows your absolute dedication and love for your partner. Every item placed inside, every gift carefully thought out, was yet another testament to your unending affection for them. There is something so romantic about knowing your partner so well that you can create a full basket of items catered to their interests.

There are many gift baskets to choose from, so we suggest you consider your options before settling for a single one. We recommend choosing a larger cardboard box if you plan to fill the box with numerous items. To make it personal, you could paint it their favourite colour or add paintings of your memories together.

Although we love the romance of the basket, we also understand how overwhelming it can be! As such, we have compiled a list of items you can include in your gift basket and ways you can make your gift basket unique! Read on to find out more.

Idea #1: Photos and memories

This one is a given— you would want your Christmas basket to reflect the time you have spent together in the past year and throughout your relationship! We love how versatile this idea is.

Depending on the basket you choose (more on that later), you could glue photos directly to the box’s surface. If you want something more romantic, you could hole-punch photos and loop the string through the basket to give a timeline effect.

Idea #2: Date ideas

Is your partner always asking you what you want to do for the next date? This is the perfect opportunity to answer that question while including items you think you will enjoy together. There are multitudes of games you and your partner can enjoy together: everything from card games to getting to know each other better to board games that will undoubtedly create healthy competition.

For a more sentimental approach, you could even take different coloured popsicle sticks and label them based on activities you can do together: nights in, nights out, weekend trips, etc.

Idea #3: Books

Depending on your partner, there is surely reading material they are bound to enjoy. If your partner loves to relax and read in the bathtub surrounded by bubbles, you could opt for the latest issues of their favourite magazines.

If they enjoy the riveting adventures of fictional characters, try searching for the most thrilling books in the science fiction and horror genre. Perhaps comic books, cookbooks, or nonfiction is more their style. Finding a book that suits their interests is one of the greatest gifts you could provide.

Idea #4: Self care

To show your partner how much you love them, you should show them how much they deserve to be pampered and cared for. Self-care, such as soaps, perfume, body washes, bath bombs, and other toiletries, are at the top of this category.

Perhaps they have a favourite fragrance: citrus, peppermint, woody, floral, etc. Be sure to pay attention to this and adjust your search accordingly! If they are big on skincare, try choosing face and sheet masks that will make their skin crystal clear.

If you are looking for something a little more aesthetic, you could choose a woven basket or picnic basket (which could even be a great idea for your next picnic date!). The thing we love about gift baskets? Just how versatile they are! You can customize everything from the gifts to the basket.

Idea #5: Stuffed animals

What better way to remember your partner when they are not around than gifting a stuffed animal? A stuffed animal ensures that they never feel lonely, even alone!

Customize the stuffed animal based on their interests— choose their favourite animal in their favourite colour and perhaps in their favourite costume. Stuffed animal stores sell for baby showers are among the cutest gifts to include in the basket.

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