How to Identify Sensitive Documents for Shredding

Every organization strives to keep confidential information from reaching the hands of information thieves and scammers. It’s critical to understand the specific documents that carry sensitive business details and put up mechanisms to protect them from creation to disposal.

At the organization, a comprehensive data management process should be set up to guard confidential information in all formats throughout the document’s lifespan. This may include record retention policies and limiting access to certain information. Generally, business shredding is governed by privacy laws and other state regulations. Your business has the legal obligation to safeguard the privacy of employees, customers, and clients through secure document destruction. This may include hard drive destruction and paper shredding services. Consider hiring a reliable document shredding company to avoid data breaches, lawsuits, and penalties. You can find more information online. The Shred-it website may be a good place to begin your research.

Why Hard drive Destruction is Important for your Business

Many business owners assume that simple erasing, wiping, formatting, or degaussing hard drives is adequate. However, as much as these steps are necessary, they still leave your information vulnerable. Some information thieves are experts in document recovery and can still generate sensitive data from these drives.

Hire professional hard drive shredding companies to dispose your drives from redundant or obsolete computers, photocopiers, unused flash drives, and retired servers.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Shredding Companies

• Offer secured chain of document custody
• Regularly schedule pick-ups
• Issue certificate of media destruction for every service
• Shearing services
• Secure material recycling

How to know which Documents should be Shredded Securely

Any organization deals with a pile of information in the day to day operations. But how do you know which documents are sensitive and require professional shredding? Here are the factors to consider:

1) Personal records

Ensure that any document that carries signatures, email addresses, phone numbers, address or names are properly destroyed. Other sensitive data include driver’s license details, social security information, account numbers, tax, legal, and medical information. Even miscellaneous information like travel itineraries, boarding passes, expired visas and passports, PIN numbers and passwords should be securely shredded to protect your employees and staff from identity theft.

2) Corporate Information

Customer and supplier information from various departments like sales and marketing, procurement, research and development, HR, IT, accounting, and corporate and executive information should be secured with the utmost integrity. It’s also advisable to destroy any printed presentations to stop sensitive insider information from leaking into the wrong hands.

3) Banking Data

Keep all financial documentations securely and destroy any archive files that contain ATM receipts, returned checks, stocks and property inventories, investments, statements, and pre-approved credit applications.

4) Retail Documents

Loyalty program information, credit cards, financial statements and receipts, bills, and expired warranties should all be shredded professionally.

Even in a home set up, you should be careful to shred employment information like job applications, performance appraisals, work records, and pay stubs. Educational data like report cards, admission details, and loan information should also be destroyed securely. Be safe by seeking the services of professional document shredding companies in Canada.

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How to Save Money on Document Destruction Services

Taking proper steps to destroy documents is a challenging task for many businesses, but professional document destruction service provides you with a great solution to this dilemma. Through secure document shredding, you can outsource this task to a trusted third party. The third party typically uses the most effective methods for document destruction to reduce your liability risk. However, document destruction service fees can vary drastically, and you may be wondering what steps you can take to save money on this valuable service. Follow these helpful steps to avoid paying more than necessary for secure document shredding Victoria.

Compare Rates With Different Service Providers
Many secure document shredding companies offer different packages to more easily meet their customers’ shredding needs in the most cost-effective way. However, rates for these services can also vary drastically from one provider to the next. One important step to take is to compare rates offered by different shredding companies, but this often requires you to identify your specific shredding needs as a first step. Therefore, think about the number of pages you need to shred over the course of a week or a month. Also, consider your ability to store these documents until your scheduled pickup. If you do not have ample space available in your office, you may need to schedule more frequent pickups.

Consider Using On-Site Services
Another helpful step to take is to use on-site shredding services. With this type of service, a truck that is outfitted with a paper shredder will arrive at your location to shred documents on the spot. This is often more cost-effective because the shredding company has reduced overhead. However, this is not always the case, so carefully review the charges for different types of services.

Look for a Volume Discount
Some shredding companies offer a volume discount, and they may even provide you with a secure storage container to store documents in until they arrive to complete your shredding service. This volume discount is not available with all providers, and others charge it based on different levels of service. If you can take advantage of a volume discount, you may save a small fortune.

Use On Demand Services
In some cases, scheduled services are more cost-effective and more convenient to use. For example, if your office only has a moderate need for shredding service, a weekly or even a monthly pickup may not be cost-effective. Likewise, if your need for shredding service fluctuates, scheduled service may not be ideal. Scheduling on-demand services may be a better option for some businesses.

Many business owners will initially shop for a shredder based on cost alone, but you can see that there are many factors that impact which pricing structure is most strategic and advantageous for you. With your attention on these factors, you can make a better decision for your business’s shredding needs.

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Excemplary Document Shredding Services

An office worker uses over 10000 sheets of copies of sensitive and confidential paper work each year that ends up in trash cans. In the wrong hands, the information may lead to theft and fraud. Hence, a proper disposal process is not an option.

We provide safe and confidential document destruction services that are fully compliant to the data disposal laws to help keep your work place secure.

Few things that you should consider shredding include ; account numbers, passwords ,pins, signatures, names , addresses, phone numbers, email addresses ATM receipts, bank statements, credit reports and histories, utility bills, employee pay stubs ,marketing data ID cards, invoices ,audits, accident reports, cancelled checks, financial statements health records and more

We are experienced, licensed, bonded and insured.
Our Service areas consist of; local markets, national account management, residential markets, community shredded events.

The Services are cost effective, reliable, professional and convenient. Services are also suitable for a wide variety of industries including; hospitals, schools, credit unions and banks.
Paper shredding services consist of;

1. Regularly scheduled services
 For daily protection
 Locked sealed and slotted containers to keep documents safe between pickups and opened to be emptied directly into a shredder. They are available in different sizes.
 A certificate after each service –signed and dated to show that all material has been handed over to our custody and destroyed
 Pick up by a certified security personnel
 Destruction of documents within 24 hours of collection.

We determine how many paper collection bins you need, discus how often waste should be destroyed and educate your employees on how to reduce waste.

2. One time need
 For one time customers
 Available any time of the day
 A certificate after each service
 Pick up by a certified security personnel.

3. On-site paper shredding at your place of business.
Of-site document shredding- we transfer documents to our secure locations using enclosed secure trucks. Customers are allowed to witness the process.

4. Walk in service
The customer brings the documents to our locations.

5. Hard drive destruction and more
Services are completed with the same level of expertise for your safety.

All paper is turned into custom-tailored confetti-sized papers giving you a peace of mind knowing that the documents cannot be produced or recreated.

We also do bulk purge services for companies and industrial warehouses.
There is 24 hour surveillance within our facility CCTV camera usage ensuring maximum security. All shredded paper is recycled.

If you are interested in using our services contact us. If you want to learn more, you may be interested in checking out the resources at Shred-it.

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Protecting Your Firm From Unlawful Termination Suits

As a business owner, you will probably face a lot of lawsuits. One of the most common lawsuits that ex-employees like to pin on their employers when they get fired is one for unlawful termination. Unlawful termination can occur when you terminate an employee because of factors such as:

Age: An employer may not fire someone for being “too young” or “too old” because doing such would be a violation of that person’s rights. Employers may not refuse to employ someone based upon the age factor, either. Both situations may bring forth a charge against the establishment. A corporate law or business law specialist may have to defend the firm tin that case.

Race: Employers may not fire employees because they are of a specific ethnicity, nor may they refuse to hire such people. That violation is the same as the first one. It is a human rights violation.

Gender: Employers cannot terminate a person because of gender whether the person is male or female. If the person can do the job, then he or she has a right to continue.

Disability: Employers are to respect people who have disabilities and allow them to do their jobs without ridicule, harassment or hassle. Employers are not supposed to deny people jobs due to a disability either.

The Right to Fire

A Canadian employer is allowed to end someone’s employment. It is not a crime simply to let an employee go. However, the employer must do so in a manner that preserves the company’s integrity and gives the employee the opportunity to adjust.

Severence Pay and Notice

The employer should give an employee notice of termination at least two weeks ahead of time for a person who has been on the job for six months. Three or four weeks are respectable for a person who has been on the job longer than that. The reason that the employer uses for the termination may vary, and it may be acceptable. Downsizing and fading out positions is the company’s right to do. As long as the employer does not harm the person by doing any of the above violations, then the termination can be deemed legitimate.


An employee may forge a corporate law case against an employer if he or she feels wronged in a termination. The lawyer can use a variety of offenses on your behalf, however. The other side will have to prove that you were guilty of the offense that it said you committed.


Several defenses are available to get you out of the horrid jam that you are in. You can use any one of them to prove that you are innocent of the charges. Speak with a lawyer about your case today.

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Ways to Keep Interest Rates Low on Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit loans have a reputation for having high interest rates. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything that you can do to lower those rates. Many lenders that offer loans for bad credit borrowers allow borrowers to secure their loans with collateral or allow for a cosigner on the loan. How does that help reduce the interest rate on money loans for those who have bad credit?

The Benefit of Securing a Loan With Collateral

Collateral is anything of value that you offer to the lender in the event that you don’t repay the loan. For instance, you may put up the title to your car or the title to your house assuming that you have sufficient equity in those assets. The lender now has the right to repossess and sell that asset to get the money you owe.

Liquidating an asset generally takes less time and costs less money than trying to track down a delinquent borrower or having to go to court to secure a judgement. It also means that the lender knows how much it can get back as well as the fact that it can get the money immediately. Even if a lender did secure a judgement to garnish wages, it would only get a fraction of what it was owed each paycheck.

The Benefit of Putting a Cosigner on a Loan

The benefit of having a cosigner is that it tells the lender there is someone who will pay the loan back if you don’t. Anyone who cosigns a loan is responsible for making payments in the event that the primary borrower doesn’t. In fact, anyone who signs a loan with you suffers the same credit fate as you do. In other words, if you miss a payment, your credit score as well as the credit score of the person who signed with you goes down.

This provides incentive for you to make payments because you don’t want to harm the credit of a friend or a parent. The cosigner may also help to hold you accountable because he or she won’t want ruined credit just because you missed a payment or made it late.

From the lender’s perspective, having another person guarantee the loan helps because that other person may be liable in the event that you file for bankruptcy. Therefore, you may ultimately benefit from lower borrowing costs as the risk is shifted from the lender to you and the cosigner.

Regardless of your credit, it is critical to consider the interest rate on any loan that you take out. If you have the opportunity to lower your interest rate, it could represent hundreds or thousands of dollars that you get to keep in your pocket. Therefore, you should take that opportunity any chance you get. For additional resources, visit We Loan Money.

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How to Settle a Tax Debt for Less Than You Owe

If you owe the IRS money, they can take significant measures to collect on that debt. They may be able to seize your assets, freeze your bank accounts and garnish your wages. It may even be possible for them to collect from your estate in the event of your death. However, you do have an alternative to a life of running from the government.

How to Obtain IRS Tax Debt Relief

The first step in obtaining debt relief from the IRS is to acknowledge that you owe a debt. Many people choose to ignore warnings or other notices that they get, which may lead to fines and penalties added to the existing balance. In some cases, the government will even fill out a tax return for you without any of the credits or deductions that you may be entitled to. Once you acknowledge the debt, you can create an offer in compromise that may lower the amount that you owe or at least give you more time to pay. Another option may be to talk to a credit counseling service for help coming to an agreement with the government.

Debt Consolidation Loans May Help

Whether you owe $100 or $100,000 to the IRS, it is in your best interest to pay that money back as soon as possible. Therefore, it may be wise to look into debt consolidation loans. Debt consolidation loans allow you to borrow the money you owe to pay off that creditor in a timely fashion. You then pay off the consolidation loan according to the terms you agreed to with the lender. The advantage here is that you won’t accrue any more interest or have to pay a fee to setup a payment plan.

Tax Debt May Be Part of a Debt Management Plan

A debt management plan allows you to pay off your debts with a single monthly payment. However, unlike a consolidation loan, a debt plan sees a credit counselor or another party take your payment and disburse it to your creditors. You may be required to keep a separate bank account where you deposit money for the purposes of paying your bills. If the IRS agrees to be part of your debt repayment plan, it may agree to remove liens or waive some or all penalties and interest that have accrued on the debt.

The worst thing you can do if you owe money to the government is to ignore the problem and pretend it doesn’t exist. Through consolidation, a debt repayment plan or simply negotiating with the government, it may be possible to reduce your debt or pay it off before it is able to grow any faster. You can learn more by visiting Credit Counselling Services of Atlantic Canada.

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Maintaining Your Safety When Applying for Online Installment Loans

Applying for a loan online can help you get the cash that you need to pay bills, improve your home or meet a variety of other needs. However, how do you make sure that you remain safe during and after the loan application process is complete? Let’s take a look at a few tips to ensure that you provide information only to parties that will keep it secure.

Never Give Out Personal Information During a Live Chat

You should never give out personal or identifying information during a live chat session. The only reason that you should use live chat is to ask questions about loan rates, ask general questions about the application itself or ask for clarification about other issues that you may be having. If you provide your social security number, address or other sensitive information in that live chat session, it could be copied and sent to others without your knowledge.

Review the Security Settings a Lender Uses

Before you provide information about yourself in a loan application, you should review the lender’s privacy and encryption policies. If you have any issues with the security protocols or have any other reservations about how your data is collected or stored, you should stop the application process and look for another lender. You should also review the lender’s privacy policy in the event that it stores information to make future applications easier and faster to fill out.

Run a Security Check on Your Computer Before Filling Out an Application

Even if the lender has taken steps to ensure the privacy and security of your online application, your PC or other mobile device could be infected. A keystroke logger or other similar spyware could collect completed copies of any forms that you fill out or even show a hacker what you are typing as it is inputted.

In addition to making sure that your device hasn’t been compromised, make sure that your network is free from any viruses or other potential security hazards. As a general rule, you should never complete a loan application using a public WiFi network or over your employer’s network as it may be monitored.

Online installment loans generally offer reasonable rates, flexible repayment terms and loans to those who have good, bad or no credit. However, make sure that you are taking steps to ensure that the loan application and the information on it are seen only by the lender. If you think that your information has been compromised, you can contact the credit agencies to put a freeze on your credit report or contact local authorities for more help. Please visit www.Lendgreen for additional information.

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How Government Grants Can Help your Family Using RESP

There are a number of reasons why subscribing to the Canadian registered education savings plan can be beneficial to you and your family. Canadian government program will set you on the right track toward putting aside the money that you need in a fine which will continue to accumulate. As this fund continues to accumulate, that money will grow and be allocated for your child’s educational costs ask for benefits to Heritage RESP. To learn more about why this can be excellent for you, read the points below:

#1: Money Will Not Be An Issue Once They Graduate
One of the best reasons to set up one of these funds as early as possible is that it takes a huge hindrance off the table. By not having to worry about money, your child can simply relax and finish out their senior year, knowing that college is paid for using RESP. This is a benefit that not all children enjoy, so you will truly be providing your child with a head start and plenty of peace of mind.

#2: Your Child Will Have Access To Any School They Desire
One of the benefits of making money a non-issue is that your child’s educational options increase. If their grades are on par, they are involved in plenty of activities and score well on the SAT, your child should have plenty of educational options to browse through. When money is not an issue, this truly becomes a reality and sets your child on the right track toward success in their life and in the career.

#3: It Makes Your Burden Easier As The Parent
Finally, you as the parent will be able to relax knowing that one of the biggest obstacles is taken care of. You will be able to allow your child to leave the nest knowing that you put them in the absolute best position to succeed on their own. This is an incredibly important step into their journey and will go a long way toward putting your child in a position to be an upstanding, thoughtful and contributing member of society.

Factor in these advantages and make sure that you do all that you can to subscribe to one of these retirement savings plans. This will give you plenty to think about as you apply and look to make the most out of your child’s ability to continue their education at the highest level.

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